Butler House. Dower House of Kilkenny Castle.

How many times have you been somewhere that is familiar but you see something unusual. This morning I took a wander up to Kilkenny Castle courtyard to see what was new and saw a small opening into a dreamy garden and venturing a little further came across an absolute gem of a house, Butler House. On further inspection I discovered it is in fact a guest house with a splendid decor. The mouldings on the ceilings and walls are original Adams. Not many guest houses can boast that. It exudes a friendly family atmosphere reflecting its historical past.

Butler House was  built in 1786 by Sir Walter Butler 16th Earl of Ormonde for his wife Lady Eleanor so that she would have somewhere comfortable to live after his death. How thoughtful. It was once used as a soup kitchen during the cholera outbreak. It was also was used by students studying the arts and is now under the umbrella of Kilkenny Civil Trust.

On Monday 17th it reopens after an extensive renovation project and it will be opening a tea rooms and restaurant. To stay the rooms range from €99 to €250 for the Presidential suite.

So if you are visiting the castle seek out this little gem and enjoy the view.



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