Off to Terminal 21. Bangkok

Terminal 21. 88 Soi Sukhumvit. Bangkok.

Connections are imperative when you land in a new destination. Two weeks ago I saught out destinations in Bangkok from an old friend who used to live here , so when he suggested going to Terminal 21 I thought he misheard me , I wanted to stay in Bangkok, not the airport !

How wrong was I. Terminal 21 is a large modern metropolis of a shopping Centre on Sukhumvit Road , attached to Ashok Skytrain . Each floor represents a different country with shopping and restaurants. Like a glorious cake the top is the showpiece and on the 5th level , San Francisco , turn left and walk as far as you can and before your eyes you will see a cacophony of colour and eclectic food choices.

The really clever thing is that if you go to the far end of the hall you will see a round consul where you hand over what money you want to spend and you will receive a card. When you get your food and drink they swipe the card and the cost is taken off rather like a credit card. Neat. Makes things a lot quicker and smoother service.

I got a mango & banana ice blended ( 30,000baht ) plus rice and a choice of three dishes ( 39,000 baht ) still had change from 100,000 baht . So cheap.

The portions were ample and the food was tasty apart from the two prawns which were soft and slight soapy , however the fruit juices are refreshing and pack a punch as they use real fruit , no bright colourings . There is so much choice of authentic Thai food your taste buds will OD.










Asok Station is the crossing point for the MRT ( underground ) and the Skytrain so you can’t miss it . Walk to the Skytrain ticket area and there is a walkway leading you straight to the entrance.







Cafe la Coco. Kilkenny

I thought I would change my routine and try  Cafe la Coco , Patrick Street, Kilkenny. What a mistake. I ordered a cappuccino and patiently waited, they were busy. I enquired about the availability of wifi. None.This in a way was quite refreshing but slightly annoying.

Coffee arrives, looks good. Try it. Stone cold. Returned it politely. Coffee came back one minute later. Enquired if they had made a fresh one. No. Goodbye. Went to Willoughby’s across the road. Hot coffee. Good service. Comfortable. Moral: stick with what you know.